Wednesday, May 04, 2016

The Igrar Festival 2016

The Igrar Festival will take place in Ouarzazate from May the 6th to the 8th
This Festival is organised by a group of young people who decided to contribute to the evolution of the region.  The festival is open to working with many local and national NGOs, all of whom have contributed their activities voluntarily.

The Igrar NGO for Development and Art, in partnership and coordination with various organisations, institutions and other NGOs, has organised the Festival IGRAR for Development and Art of Ouarzazate under the motto “All together for development”.

The previous two editions of the festival have left a positive impact in the region by its interest in development using art and has attracted a large number of visitors.

The IGRAR Festival celebrates and commemorates several personalities from various sectors in recognition of their contributions to the region and Morocco.  The three nights of the festival take place at the Kasbah of Taourirt.

The environment awareness activities associated with the festival start three months before the festival. The festival volunteers collect used plastic water bottles, distribute them to local school students to design art works, within the framework of the competition “Schools and Environment”

As in previous editions there will be a number of training workshops in the fields of photography, showmanship, traditional cuisine, music, pottery and reading.

During the festival a stage is always available for young talent from the region

There will be a "solidarity walk" around the main streets of the city highlighting environmental awareness. During the three days of the festival, visual artists will illustrate the "solidarity wall" that will be signed by people of all ages and the festival participants.

IGRAR Festival is unique, characterised by its diversity. Culture, art, development, history, heritage, solidarity, awareness, education, exchange, sharing, training, creativity, talent, taste, feeling, exhibition, workshops, parties, competitions, meetings and much more
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Fes Festival Fringe: Lalla Fes - A Story in Music

LALLA FES -  by Kay d'Astorg - A Story to Music, narrated by Patty Hannock, with oud music from Hamza El Fasiki

During just one hour, Patty Hannock, an Anglo-American actor based in Paris, will relate the life of “Lalla Fes” and her children from the 8th century until the present time.

Written by Kay d’Astorg - an English writer living in Paris and Fes - the text is accompanied by the talented oud player, Hamza El Fasiki.

As the story unfolds we discover the different dynasties who ruled the Kingdom of Morocco, from the 8th to the 21st century, and their political, social and spiritual impact on “Lalla Fes”.

A wonderful and magical introduction to the Medina, its history and its architecture.

This event is free to the public and lasts for 50 minutes.

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Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Gunpowder Girls Photography Exhibition - ALIF in Fez

Gunpowder Girls - G w y n e t h   T a l l y 
Photography Exhibition

Opening: Friday, May 6, 6 PM at the ALIF Riad
Continues daily 4-6 PM through May 17
Click image to enlarge

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Fes Festival 2016 Programme - UPDATED

The 22nd Fes Festival of World Sacred Music takes place in Fes from Friday May 6th to Sunday May 15th. This years theme is The Women Founders

Again this year The View From Fez,  as an official media partnerwill bring you the most comprehensive coverage of the festival, with news, reviews and photographs.

 Please note this programme has changed since first published.

Opening night 
Friday 6 May. Bab Al Makina: 21h00 A: €60; B: €30

The opening night premiere is - A Sky full of Stars:

Women of myth and poetry from Scheherazade to the Queen of Sheba.

With women artists from Morocco, Mongolia, Azerbaijan, Iran, Ethiopia, India, Lebanon, Italy and Africa, with an oriental orchestra. (See more details here)

Saturday 7 May
Jnan Sbil Gardens: 16h30 €20
Sahar Mohammadi with Ingie Women’s Qanun Ensemble – Iran & Azerbaijan
Sacred Persian song

Sahar Mohammadi

Bab Al Makina: 21h00 A: €50; B: €25
Durbar: Indian Night: Premiere (See more details here)
Glory of Princes and in praise of the Gods: a dazzling musical engagement between the great musicians of India

Sunday 8 May
Jnan Sbil Gardens: 16h30 €20
Christine Salem – Reunion

Christine Salem

Bab Al Makina: 21h00 A: €50; B: €25
World Divas
First part: Hindi Zahra – France & Morocco
Second part: Oumou Sangaré – Mali

Oumou Sangaré

Monday 9 May
Jnan Sbil Gardens: 16h30 €15
Officina Zoé – Italy
Women’s songs of love, work and healing with Maria Mazzotta (voice) and Maristella Martella (dance)

Maristella Martella 
Dar Adiyel: 18h00 €20
Rageshri Das
Khyal Song from Kolkata, India

Programme Change! Both concerts scheduled for the Sidi Mohamed Ben Youssef Cultural Complex will now take place at the Prefecture Hall opposite the Batha Museum (see map ref blue 1).
19h00: Shashank Subramaniam and Rakesh Chaurasia
Masters of the Bansuri flute from Chennai and Mumbai, India
20h30: Ustad Irshad Khan – Toronto, Canada
Sitar and surbahar

The price is 20 Euros per person, whether you stay for one concert or both. This makes no difference if you have a pass.

Ustad Irshad Khan

Dar Adiyel: 20h30 €20
Rageshri Das
Ghazal song from Kolkata, India

Prefecture Hall, Batha: 22h30 €20
The King of Ghosts: Premiere – India & Morocco
Cinema/Concert : composed by Soumik Datta, Johannes Berauer and Cormac Byrne for the film Goopy Gayen Bagha Bayen by Satyajit Ray (1969)

EXTRA CONCERT: May 9 - Jiangsu Women's National Orchestra from China will perform at 21h00 at Bab Al Makina. This concert is free of charge

Tuesday 10 May
Jnan Sbil Gardens: 16h30 €15
Hawniyaz: inspired by Kurdish, Persian and Azeri traditions
With Aynur (song), Kayhan Kalhor (kamantche), Salman Gambarov (piano) and Cemîl Ǫoçgirî (multi-instrumentalist)

Dar Adiyel: 20h00 €20
Yulduz Turdieva: Shash-maqâm from Bukhara, Uzbekistan

Yulduz Turdieva

Sidi Mohamed Ben Youssef Cultural Complex: 23h00 €20
Parvathy Baul and Mehdi Nassouli – India and Morocco
Mystical Poetry of Nomads, from Bauls to Gnawas

Wednesday 11 May
Sidi Mohamed Ben Youssef Cultural Complex: 20h00 €20
Lamar: Arab song from Palestine

Prefecture Hall, Batha: 21h30 €20
Farida Muhammad Ali – Iraq - Maqâm

Farida Muhammad Ali 

Dar Adiyel: 23h00 €20
Ariana Vafadari – Iran & France
Gathas: Zoroastrian song

Thursday May 12
Jnan Sbil Gardens: 16h30 €15
Lalla Rquia Ouhmad and the Women’s Ensemble – Morocco
Sacred Amazigh Song from Tiznit

Riad Dar Bensouda, Qettanine: 18h00 €20
Shaikh Hassan Dyck and Muhabbat Caravan
Meditation with Sufi flavours

Shaikh Hassan Dyck

Bab Al Makina: 21h00 A: €50; B: €25
Istanbul – Fes: Premiere – Turkey & Morocco
Mevlevi whirling dervishes with the Mohammed Briouel Andalous Orchestra

Mevlevi whirling dervishes
Friday 13 May
Jnan Sbil Gardens: 16h30 €20
Virginia Rodrigues – Brazil - Heavenly voice

Bab Al Makina: 21h00 A: €50; B: €25
Ahlam from the United Arab Emirates.

Saturday 14 May
Jnan Sbil Gardens: 16h30 €20
Yom – France
Silence of the Exodus. With Yom (composition, clarinet), Farid D (cello), Claude Tchamitchian (double bass) and Bijan Chemirani (zarb, daf and bendir)

Bab Al Makina: 21h00 A: €60; B: €30
Samira Saïd – Morocco
Star of Moroccan Song

Sunday 15 May

Programme Change! The Tribute to Oum Keltoum has moved to Sunday 15 May, extending the Festival by one day. If you already have a full festival pass you do not need an extra ticket


Sufi Nights at 23h00 are free of charge and are held in the garden of Dar Tazi, the Festival headquarters. See programme HERE

The Fes Forum is held on the first five mornings of the festival (ie Saturday to Wednesday). The venue is the Jnan Palace Hotel in the Ville Nouvelle.   Most of the proceedings are in French, but there is simultaneous translation into English and Arabic. You may ask questions in English as most of the panel members speak it. See details HERE

Friday 6 May
Discover the Fountains of Fes - Starting point to be confirmed: 16h00. With smartphone app, accompanied by music by Susie Ibarra and local artists, this discovery of the Fes fountains will conclude with a live concert at the Karaouine Library.

Children Today, Musicians Tomorrow - Venue to be confirmed: 16h00.  Screening of the film Chota Divana, the little princes of Rajasthan – India, with a concert performed by children from Fes

Chota Divana
The Mamas – giant African puppets will perform in the Medina throughout the Festival

Jnan Sbil Gardens: Taragalte Cultural Caravan for Peace. The Association Zaila’s nomad-style tent in the Jnan Sbil Gardens will feature the culture and music of the Moroccan Sahara.

Festival Venues: This year, afternoon concerts are to be held in the Jnan Sbil Gardens.
Big evening concerts are held at Bab al Makina, the open-air parade ground in front of the Royal Palace. Free concerts are held each evening at Boujloud Square, close to Bab Boujloud. See details here
Nights in the Medina concerts (Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday) are held in smaller venues including the music conservatory Dar Adiyel, Sidi Mohamed Ben Youssef Cultural Complex, the Prefecture Hall in Batha opposite the Batha Museum, and Riad Dar Bensouda. NOTE: The acoustics at the Prefecture Hall are not as good as the other venues.

Hints and Tips!
Weather can be variable: it can rain, be very cold and windy at Bab al Makina, or stiflingly hot. It’s best to bring layers, something waterproof, a sunhat and a fan.
See extended weather forecast HERE
Seats are not particularly comfortable. If necessary, bring a cushion.
Consider taking a trip or arranging an activity on Wednesday as there is no afternoon concert.
Getting to the venues is always on foot.
Many restaurants serve dinner early and/or later so that you can attend evening concerts.

Fes Map
Translations, additional info and map - Thanks to Helen Ranger at Fes Riads

The View From Fez is a Fes Festival official Media Partner

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Sufi Nights & Boujloud Concerts

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