Saturday, November 25, 2006

Laughter Therapy in the Medina!

Much to our surprise of The View from Fez, we were invited to a therapy session. Laughter Therapy.

"How are you dealing with life in the Medina?' said the brochure. 'The best antidote to Riad Renovation Madness (RDF) is laughter" "Down in the dumps in a dar? Dare to be different - have a larf!""

Well, naturally, we were intrigued. No address was given, but all the invitees were asked to meet at Bab Ftouh at 8pm last night and to wear something distinctive. Distinctive? What did that mean? To nobodies surprise, almost every one of the six therapy hungry participants arrived wearing a black balaclava and carrying blue neon tubes - looking a lot like an IRA version of Luke Skywalker.
Laughter Therapy Headgear

A shadowy figure in a clown costume approached us and whispered "You are here for me."

From behind our balaclavas we nodded in hapless unison.

"I'm not Patch Adams," confided the man who looked like Patch Adams. 'Follow me."

Patch Adams

We set off down a series of winding alleys, eventually arrived at a metal door that opened an inch to inspect us. "It's us," said the man who was not Patch Adams.

Inside we sat in a circle around a low table and were asked to talk about why we were here. One brave soul, a midget called Derf, bravely stepped forward. "I'm renovating a dar and haven't had a laugh in weeks."

Everyone giggled.

"I want to have a laugh, but I don't know the Darija word for it..."

We snickered.

Then a small squat fellow introduced himself as "Subby" "RDF - that's me. Renovation? Driving me nuts. A riad and ... " he trailed off.

"Go on," urged the photocopy of Patch Adams.


We roared with laughter.

Then a Latvian Vegan from Casablanca began to laugh softly, then louder... soon we all joined in. It became hysterical. The only one not laughing was the Patch clone.

For three hours we laughed. Not once did anyone mention zellij or tadelakt... nobody talked of builders or plumbers. It was therapy.

The next session gathers at Bab Bou Jeloud at 8pm on Wednesday, don't forget your balaclava. The View from Fes will give it a miss...


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